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I was stuck for a long time. I started my career in marketing, and while I learned and grew a ton by working in the tech world, I spent several years struggling with the feeling that something was missing. It wasn’t my true passion. I didn’t feel fulfilled.

So, I started working with a life coach. I hadn’t even known anything about life coaching at the time, but as soon as I connected with my coach, something just felt right. We talked about my strengths and my values. There was an unexpected shift in me, just hearing someone else say it — “Sarah, you love helping others. You thrive in your close relationships. You seek to help people solve their problems and be happier.” Suddenly I had this excitement bubbling up inside me.

And then she said it — “Have you thought about becoming a life coach yourself?” And it just clicked. I knew that this would be my path toward an exciting, fulfilling life, doing what I LOVE to do, putting my strengths and passions toward helping others.

When I started thinking about who I want to work with as a life coach, I was eager to help across so many areas that, admittedly, it was hard for me to narrow it down. But ultimately, I thought back on something that I had struggled with myself, that I continue to see TONS of other women struggling with… CONFIDENCE.

Having been in the tech world for many years, I know exactly what it’s like to spend every day in a fast-paced, prove-yourself, pressure-to-always-be-improving kind of environment. I’ve experienced the stress, the long hours, that constant tendency to compare yourself to others. (Raise your hand if you feel me 🙋🏻)

I’ve also been the only female employee in an otherwise all-male, bro-y culture startup. I was talked down to, disrespected, and humiliated. It was awful. I cried literally every single Sunday night at the prospect of having to go in to work the next day. It all started adding up to the point where I was downright MISERABLE. I came home every day mentally and emotionally exhausted, and couldn’t shake my anxiety, stress, and negativity, which started affecting my relationship and other areas of my life. Despite having gone into this job knowing that I was capable, I started questioning it. Was I actually doing a bad job? Was *I* the problem? Self-doubt took over. My confidence took a big hit. I was struggling.

Finally, I realized that all of this — not only was it not good for me, it straight up wasn’t me. I knew I needed to take back my power. So I reclaimed my confidence, and I changed my story.

I can’t even describe to you the INCREDIBLE FREEDOM that came from this shift in my mindset and my choice to take action that was aligned with how I wanted my life to be. I went on to start my own successful consulting business, giving myself 100% autonomy to choose what kind of clients to work with, what I wanted my schedule to look like, and what rates I wanted to set — all as my OWN BOSS. While of course there were many factors that helped me achieve this dream lifestyle, my success was driven by my confidence, and that is why I am so deeply excited to help other badass women embrace their confidence!!!

Now, this is just my story. Ultimately, whether you want to stay in your job or take your life in a different direction, I fiercely believe that above all else, you should be doing what makes you happy, and you should feel BEAUTIFULLY CONFIDENT doing it.

That’s why I’ve decided to work with women who share these same challenges that I once faced, in my Authentic Confidence program. I’ve been there, and I know how hard it can be to not only find and embrace your confidence, but to try to do it alone (ugh!) and have it feel hopeless. That’s why I am beyond excited to work with such truly gifted women to help them find their authentic voices, step fully into their confidence, and the lives they want to live!

A bit more about me… I was born and raised in New England, but I now live in the Cleveland area with my incredible husband, who never ceases to challenge me to be my best self. I love to dance. Being outdoors is what centers me. I get my energy from volunteering with kids, taking on something I didn’t think I could do (and realizing I can!), and being around people who inspire me and laugh with me.

Have questions? Feel like we might be a good fit to work together? Schedule a free Confidence Clarity call with me, and let’s chat!